I was hugely skeptical of "credit repair" in general and even more so by Bad Credit Repair's claims of being able to remove negative items from my report. However, after being a customer for 4 months, I've had 3 negative items removed from all 3 bureaus (including a collection), and my credit score went from 590 to 685 today.

While critics may point out that Bad Credit Repair Us does nothing magical that you can't do yourself, I'd say the value they deliver for the money is way beyond what I expected. Their customer service, in my experience, was refreshingly pleasant. They were responsive to any request for information I've made. In fact, I'd consider their customer facing departments to be the icing on the cake.

Kay S.

San Francisco, CA

The few hundred dollars I've spent on this service is eclipsed many times over by the cost savings of refinancing my car loan/ credit cards based on a good credit score vs. very bad.

Highly recommended.

Steven B.

Aurora, IL

Absolutely worth every penny. I am amazed at what they have done in the two months that I have been using this service.

Jessica B.

Denver, CO

Just as the person below i was skeptical about how anyone could improve my credit score. I just signed up with Bad Credit Repair Us so i cant say whether or not it will effect my credit score. What i do know is the customer service at this law firm is impeccable. I wish i could remember his last name but i spoke with a "Marc". He was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and made me feel like i am putting my credit in the right hands. He was friendly and comfortable to talk to. He made me feel like i was priority and did not put me on hold once, as we spoke for a good 20 min. I am very interested in seeing how this firm repairs my credit. So far, i would recommend them to anyone solely based on customer service! Thanks Bad Credit Repair Us!

Bob S.

Houston, TX

They did what I expected them to do and did it quick! Within a month, the incorrect records on my credit were removed and my score moved above 750 from the high 600s. I hung on for a month or two, then canceled as the job was done. I would recommend Bad Creadit Repair Us any day to anyone! I may not suggest holding on to the service after your credit has been fixed, but they were really great and easy to work with.

Thank you Bad Credit Repair Us!

Monica S.

Fair Lawn, NJ

I was very skeptical when signing up with Bad Credit Repair Us. However, they have exceeded my expectations and so I would like to share my experience so others can benefit from their services. The service I signed up for is $99/month and that may seem like a lot for some, but the amount of money you'll save is well worth it. I've been a customer for 2 months and they have already raised my credit score by about 60 points, removed 7 negative items, and even removed a few late payments. I'm so impressed with the constant communication received from my case representative and anytime I have a question they are really quick to respond. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Could I have done all of this myself? Maybe. However, the value provided from this company is well worth it.