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A trucker told me how to make the windshield perfectly clean with a cigarette

Many motorists have encountered the problem of windshield wiper contamination. It seems that the VW Golf gets dirty from the parasites that eat the paint. Or the glass slipper can do it because of the scraper. Or both. After each swipe of the wipers, a stream of dirty water appears. And if it is worth mentioning again and again, then perhaps the glass was not washed, but just dragged along the glass. All this I did not do, but I found out about it… So, I will tell you how to make the windshield perfectly clean with a cigarette, if you do not do it once, do not do it twice, then do not do it at all. Actually, I think it will be useful, not only for truckers, but also for others, so that you do not repeat such actions-at least for a week. The condition of the glass -as seen from the street . It is worth saying that the condition of the glass is not guaranteed, it depends on how quickly it was washed, as well as how vigorously and how deeply it was used. It is most likely that the glass was originally dirty, for example, because some spilled on the glass was absorbed by the varnish, and did not want to get on the film. Or you used the glass daily to remove water that had accumulated on the surface. It is also worth saying that the glass is not always clean, some glasses are dirty , due to the action of the scraper, which creates a protective film . Very often, this is done in order to hide scratches . It is possible to clean the glass with your own hands It is not necessary to have a special professional tool, you can easily clean the glass with your own hands . If you need to wash the glass, it is better to use an ordinary dry cloth. It is enough to use the freshener A homemade product, for example, a tea made from the leaves of Ekaterinburg tree . Or tea made from the leaves of Coffee beans . Or Kombucha . You can also use