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Broken stethoscope helps to diagnose the bearings and to determine the noise in the vehicle. How to make a device

Continuing the series of publications on the topic of making useful devices for the motorist, today I will share the method of checking the bearing performance, which is applicable not only to passenger cars, but also to other types of cars. Using this method, you can make a device that will be able to notice whether the bearings are worn out, and if so, how to change it. Using a whistle and a car stereo So, there is a broken stethoscope here, and you want to check whether the needle is moving in the right sequence, or whether the belt is pulling on the wrong sequence. You can do this using a whistle. The whistle needs to be wound using a car stereo, you can use a small one, suitable in size (at least, according to the car's features – take a phone, a good one will do), and play the sound file that is sent from it when the needle is abruptly changed places. I will not say anything else about it, just listen and see what happens. In order to avoid any problems in the future, it is better to use this device, as it allows you to quickly and accurately determine what is happening in the car, without the help of special tools. This device works well For sure, this helps to determine, that the problem is not in the quality of the steel, as it is sometimes cast. If the problem is in the belt, then the change of the belt is able to solve the problem, and the device does not have to be changed. And if the problem is in the quality of the steel, then the appropriate repair can be performed without any risk, and without leaving the premises. The risk of damaging the belt with a stone is completely eliminated. I hope my advice will be useful for you. To support the channel – , SHARE,, COMMENT!